When will state figure it out?

To the Editor:

I found it odd as I traveled through northwest Illinois on Route 14 what a difference seven miles will make.

As I left Harvard and a rash of gas stations, the going price was $4.19 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline. I proceeded northwest, and not seven miles outside Harvard in the state of Wisconsin regular unleaded gas was $3.67 per gallon. I traveled a little further and found it for $3.63 per gallon.

Now, if I lived in Harvard or anywhere on the Illinois border, I would be making many seven-mile trips for my gasoline to save 56 cents per gallon. Seems like a very cost-saving trip.

Our elevated gas prices cannot be explained away by transportation costs or refinery costs. We have tolls to pay for the roads, Wisconsin has no tolls, so that can’t be it. What is causing the disparity in prices? Wisconsin continues to show how to do things cheaper and better.

When are we going to figure it out?

Dan Egan

Fox River Grove