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5 Faves: Things we are excited about for the week of May 23

Dosomething.org, a nonprofit that works with youth and social change, has come up with a way to let teens turn their friends into parents for a day via text. The campaign is called Pregnancy Text and it encourages young people to “impregnate your friends’ phones,” for a chance to win a $3,000 scholarship. People sign up, type in their friends’ phone numbers and the next day, they start to receive texts from their needy, imaginary, phone baby. While you only get around 10 messages, which is nothing compared to the 18-plus years with an actual child, it’s an interesting way to get kids talking about pregnancy and parenthood. Starting a conversation is what Do Something was aiming for. Maybe the smartphones of the future will have Smell-O-Vision, a surefire way to make this experience more effective. Available at dosomething.org. – Veronica Jones