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5 Faves: Things we are excited about for the week of May 23

I’ll start this recommendation with a disclaimer: “The Newsroom” might make you queasy. I realize Aaron Sorkin’s particular brand of speechifying can rub people the wrong way. If you’re not familiar, Sorkin is the dude who wrote both “West Wing” – the smash hit that dominated the Emmy’s – and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” – one of the biggest busts in TV history. But if you can look past the grand political statements the show is constantly trying for, the same statements that did Studio 60 in, “The Newsroom,” Sorkin’s latest, is just plain good entertainment. As in his past work, Sorkin’s rapidly moving dialogue makes you forget you’re watching an hourlong show (a concern for those of us with short attention spans). Instead, you get to relive past news events in a whole new light, and get caught up in the camaraderie and craziness of news in the 24-hour cycle. The second season premieres this summer. – Shawn Shinneman