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Liberals’ wheels falling off

Published: Saturday, May 25, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Smug media pundits would have you believe that the tea party is dead, given up and gone away.

Check out the newly elected conservatives on your local school board, county board, state assembly and the U.S. Senate, despite the best efforts of this administration’s IRS to intimidate the movement nationwide.

Benghazi exposes abject cowardice at the highest levels of leadership in Washington. Sequestration proves to be a huge flat tire for this White House, simply exposing rampant government waste and widespread fraud crying out for remedy. Shamelessly exploiting the Sandy Hook shooting victims in their most vulnerable moment, this crowd fails to pass feel-good gun-control legislation that would not have prevented the tragedy.

Not surprisingly, even left-wing journalists find themselves the targets of phone-taps and illegal surveillance. Our own president regularly travels abroad apologizing for America, undermining our nation while revealing yet again his base contempt for these United States and our way of life.

Liberalism dutifully genuflects at the altar of social justice and diversity while steadfastly ignoring the stark realities of human nature addressed in the wisdom of the founders. Wheels are coming off the liberal/progressive wagon.  It’ll be an ‘E’ ticket ride, so hang on with both hands.

William G. Parrot


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