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Gay marriage ‘belief’

To the Editor:

I can hardly let pass what Pamela Miljak wrote in her letter to the editor about gay marriage.

In it she demonstrates profound circular reasoning by stating her Catholic beliefs and then using Catholic Catechism to support them.

She writes that gay marriage “is not fruitful, not marriage, and not according to God’s plan.” My wife and I have no children nor plan to. Should our marriage be dissolved? Should post-menopausal women be allowed to marry? Gay marriages are not marriage according to the narrow dogma you quoted us? How is that relevant? How do we know what God’s plan is? The Catholics tell us, of course.

Funny how often God’s plan aligns with one’s opinions. There was a time God’s plan included keeping whites and blacks from marrying. That belief was fervently held by millions. Then God changed his mind.

Support gay marriage or do not. If you find you can’t produce evidence for your position, perhaps it’s more about your own feelings than God’s. You may continue believing however you wish. I assure you, “belief” that gay marriage is OK is not required. Even-handedness under the law, however, is.

Michael Marks



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