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Monster’s workforce survey reveals optimistic outlook

According to survey by Monster Worldwide Inc., 42 percent of employed job seekers are dissatisfied with their current job, with a surprising majority (81 percent) of the employed expecting to actively search for a new job in the next year.

Desire for higher compensation, seeking a better skills match, and personal fulfillment were listed by those currently employed as top reasons for seeking a new job. Conversely, over a third (36 percent) of participants are searching for a new job due to job loss.

The survey also indicated that job seekers, whether employed or unemployed, were generally confident of finding a job. In fact, 79 percent of the employed and 75 percent of the unemployed job seekers felt confident about acquiring a new job in the next year.

“Our survey revealed that an overwhelming number of job seekers are in search of a more fulfilling job experience,” said Jeffrey Quinn, vice president of Monster’s Global Insights. “Unemployed job seekers continue to visit Monster to identify their hiring opportunities, while employed job seekers appear to be expressing greater confidence in entering the job market in search of a fulfilling career.”

While many job seekers express confidence in finding a new job, many are also frustrated. More than half (56 percent) report they are struggling to find a job matching their salary, title and location preferences. In addition, a sizable amount (47 percent) cannot find jobs for which they are qualified. More than one-third (38 percent) of respondents indicate employers do not understand their skills and experiences.

About the survey: Monster’s “U.S. Workforce Talent” study surveyed nearly 6,000 job seekers who are currently employed or desire employment in the next 12 months via an online survey. The study was designed to be inclusive of all Monster job seekers who have actively used their My Monster account over the past 3 years. The survey ran from Jan. 4 to Feb. 18.



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