Wrong side of history

To the Editor:

I think someone’s egging to become a bishop, eh, Brian Grady?

There was a time, for a great deal of people, that the moral truth was that a black man was not the equal of a white man.

They were wrong to think that then, and dogmatic moralists such as the Rev. Grady are wrong now to think that being gay is wrong, or that same-sex marriage is wrong.

Supporters of slavery were on the wrong side of history, and people such as the Rev. Grady will end up in the same place.

Grady is a terrible example to the community of faith he administers, and to the community at large.

Isn’t love all that really matters? God must love gay people; he made an awful lot of ‘em.

WWJD, Brian?

Kenneth P. Bartels

Crystal Lake