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Ridiculous state lottery

Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Recently, one of the largest Illinois lottery pots ($590 million) was awarded to a resident of Florida. This amount is absurd … how many mansions, yachts and luxury cars does one person need?

Our lottery needs some rethinking. I suggest:

1. The maximum amount any one winner can win needs to have a much-reduced maximum, say about $10 million. The recent lottery would have then created 59 new multimillionaires, not just one. Fifty-nine people would have been able to pay off their debts, or perhaps send their kids to college.

2. Only citizens of Illinois should be permitted to buy Illinois lottery tickets. This would help ensure that the bulk of the money would be spent here, strengthening our state’s economic infrastructure, and not some other state’s.

If these actions were taken, not only could many more people climb out of personal debt, but the state probably would take in even more money than it does now, as many more people would buy tickets due to the increased chances of winning.

It’s time to have a state lottery system that helps a greater number of people, instead of producing a few obscenely wealthy individuals who wind up having more money than any reasonable person would know what to do with.

Where’s the downside? Don’t bother looking.

There isn’t any.

Rick Smelter


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