Tuesday Morning store closed after deer crashes through window

CRYSTAL LAKE – A deer crashed through the window of a Crystal Lake store Thursday night, police said.

Tuesday Morning, a home goods store at 4427 Northwest Highway, was closed Friday, and it was unclear when it would reopen, an employee said.

Witnesses from a neighboring store called Crystal Lake police about 9:20 p.m. Thursday after a deer crashed through a window, Cmdr. Dan Dziewior said. Tuesday Morning was closed at the time.

Because the deer was severely injured, the responding officers shot it, Dziewior said. It is department policy to “do the humane thing and put the animal down” when a nondomestic or wild animal is injured beyond rehabilitation and could potentially cause injuries to others.

A similar incident happened last year when a deer crashed into a house on Saint Andrews Lane, Dziewior said.

“They get confused, or they get scared,” he said. “They don’t understand the principle of windows or glass. If they see a way to get through, they get through.”

– Emily K. Coleman