Trustees and property taxes

To the Editor:

McHenry County is dominated by Republicans, and our local governments and officials are firmly in the control of Republican trustees.

Yet, even with Republican trustees managing our local governments, the property taxes on our homes have been increasing 10 to 15 percent every year. How can this be? Are the taxing bodies’ administrators putting undue pressure on the our trustees? Are our trustees turning into spend-and-tax happy adversaries once they get elected? Are our trustees forgetting about their principles and the people who voted them into office?

Again, McHenry County is firmly Republican, yet our trustees are spending more and more every year. It’s time to be heard. We need serious tax abatements on our tax levies.

I have attended the trustee meetings. I have spoken to them. Still, the trustees keep raising taxes. We need a louder voice. Please attend the meetings.

Joseph Greenwood

Lake in the Hills