Time to act on pensions

To the Editor:

Let’s face it. Our lawmakers in Springfield have spent years trying to undo this pension problem, which is now almost $100 billion.

And what do we have? Two opposing bills that both fret over a possible constitutional challenge. Time and energy are being wasted – $17 million a day to be exact.

I love Illinois, and I hate to see it go down. Two downgrades of our bonds in one week is nothing to be proud of.

If the state constitution is standing in the way of a solution, then it is time to consider amending the state constitution. (Yes, I’m using the A-word.) It is time. The lawmakers need to have room in which to make their bills to save the state. Changes to the state pension need to be allowed to be made.

Proper limits could be worked into such an amendment. I would suggest only changes if the pension is over $80,000. Those under that limit would not have the changes made. A constitution should be a framework for laws – not an obstruction to survival. The time to act is now.

Nancy Morton