Eat healthy this Fourth of July

Enjoy your 4th of July with some healthy food choices.  Here are some ideas for your family cookout and celebration to keep things on the healthier side.


-Grilled chicken

-Lean sirloin cuts 

- Lean hot dogs (I like Hebrew 97% fat-free)

- Turkey brats

- Chicken sausages

- Veggie, turkey, chicken, or lean ground sirloin burgers


- Oil and vinegar coleslaw

- Pasta salad with lite oil and vinegar

- German-style potato salad

- Fresh garden salad with vinaigrette or low-fat dressing


- Sherbet or frozen yogurt

- Angel food cake with fresh berries and lite whipped topping

- Fruit salad


- Water (flavor with a piece of lemon or lime)

- Iced tea (flavor with fresh fruit)

- Lite (sugar-free) lemonade

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