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Repeating history

To the Editor:

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan gave nearly 3 million illegal immigrants amnesty and said this would help fix the immigration problem. Later in life, he said that was the worst decision he ever made.

Today, our government reports 10 million to 13 million illegal immigrants are in our country. If you believe that, then you also believe the unemployment numbers as well and are very naive. Those numbers are a lot higher.

We have immigration laws, which are not enforced, yet they say they need to be “reformed,” a word they use quite often to make it sound like they are really going to do something about an issue. In the meantime, our government gives them food, clothing, housing, health insurance, schooling and even college. Yes, college. Next, they are talking about giving them a brand-new car. What is next? A brand-new house?

Illegal immigrants have broken laws that are on the books, exploited the 14th Amendment of our Constitution for their own benefit, yet our government turns a blind eye to it.

Both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have been guilty of this, buying votes. They also have the nerve to tell citizens to tighten our belts and raise our taxes.

I have one question for all of these politicians. What are you going to do with the next 10 million illegal immigrants? Once again, history will repeat itself and we will not learn from it. So sad.

James M Korjenek

Wonder Lake


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