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RTA needs help

To the Editor:

Once again, Democratic Rep. Jack Franks shows us how uninformed he really is. He does not want Al Jourdan back on the RTA board. Instead, he wants someone “independent and reform-minded.”

Anyone think Rep. Franks is independent and not beholden to Speaker Mike Madigan and the Democratic Party in Illinois? By the way, how are the Democrats doing in Illinois? Billions in debt, and they will not unite to solve the pension crisis, which was created by Democrats who did not properly fund the pension system for several years.

How about Chicago and Cook County? Think their finances are in order? Have you bought a train ticket lately, or noticed the Tollway Commission nearly doubled tolls? Ask a local business about the huge tax increases they now pay.

Someone tell Franks that Jourdan also was McHenry County auditor for many years and the county budget was balanced with little or no tax increases under his professional guidance. His valuable expertise with governmental finances stands out as one of the best on the entire RTA Board.

Remember, we need someone to stick up for McHenry County when it comes to transportation and RTA funding issues. Without a professional like Jourdan, the liberal Democrats will steal all the money for Chicago and Cook County. Jack Schaffer, on the Metra Board will say the same thing. McHenry County’s elected officials think limited government works well, not like the liberal Democrats who are running our state into bankruptcy.

Gary W. Verdung



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