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Franks: Quinn’s ploy on pensions shows troubling lack of leadership

State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, issued the following news release Wednesday:

WOODSTOCK,Ill. – State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) issued the following response after Gov. Pat Quinn cut the salaryof lawmakers in an effort to inject himself in pension reform discussions.

“Today, Governor Quinn took a page out of his predecessor’s playbook and decided to lead by press conference. Although I do not disagree with his efforts to stop the pay of lawmakers as we work to find a solution on pension reform, it is frustrating that the governor is moreinterested in splashy headlines than actual ideas.

“At a time when Illinois’ pension systems have been pushed to the brink of disaster and the people of Illinois need leadership, the governor has chosen to be largely absent. Instead of appearing before the bi-partisan conference committee to talk about solutions, he seeks out microphones and engages inpublicity stunts. 

“The governor must get directly involved inthe process and let lawmakers know exactly what he is willing to sign into law.  I have long advocated for a Committee of the Whole to be convened for the purpose of finding a solution,and I ask the governor to immediately call an emergency session of the Legislature for the sole purpose of solving the pension crisis.  I ask the governor to be present at all meetings and to provide input and ideas.

“The governor has not led and that’s why we find ourselves in this situation.  I believe the governor has been negligent in his duties.  Some might say that Governor Quinn is sitting on the bench when it comes to the pension reform efforts—but the sad truth is that he isn’t even near the playing field.

“The work to solve the pension crisis is ongoing.  Both chambers have passed their own proposals and lawmakers from both parties are working to craft a solution to put our state on a path of better fiscal health.  It is imperative that the governor be a part of this effort, rather than a spectator.”


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