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Wheeler criticizes Democrat failure to lead

State Rep. Barb Wheeler, R-Crystal Lake, issued the following news release Thursday:

Crystal Lake, IL…Yesterday, Democrat Governor Pat Quinn used his line item veto power to withhold appropriations for state legislator’s pay.  Quinn claims he is doing this in response to inaction on pension reform.  State Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) released the following statement in response to the governor’s veto:

“My only worry is that the governor’s actions could lead the General Assembly to act in haste and pass any pension reform and not the best pension reform.  I hope legislators do not panic at their salaries being withheld and simply pass a bad bill just so we can appease the governor.  I remain firm, salary or not, that we need a comprehensive pension reform bill that will pay back our unfunded liability and ensure the sustainability of the program.

“Let me be clear though, Quinn’s actions here are nothing more than political games.  Our state is on the brink of a financial abyss and our governor is worried more about reelection than leading our state down the right path.  Despite what Quinn has said, the General Assembly has done its job.  I took the tough votes and sent multiple pension reform bills to the Senate.  I can only vote on the bills that are in front of us.  If the governor wanted us to pass his reforms, he would have sent us a bill rather than a carnival snake.

“The Democrats control all levels of state government.  They hold super-majorities in both legislative houses and Quinn, himself, is a Democrat.  The Senate President, House Speaker and Governor can point their fingers as much as they want, but it is their failure to lead which has put us in this position.  Take away my salary if you want, but that does not change the fact that for over a decade the Democrats have controlled every level of state government and it has brought us nothing but financial stress and skyrocketing pension costs.  If the governor wants to blame anyone, he should blame himself and his party which he has failed to lead.”


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