Challenge yourself to be a better putter

Putting practice can be tedious. It's an important part of the game, but most people don't practice it nearly enough.

Making a game or a challenge of putting makes it easier to stick with and more fun.

One game that I like requires a hole, 16 golf balls and a green. Take two steps from the hole (about six feet) and place two balls down. In the same line, take three more steps and place two balls down at each step.

Do the same thing on the other side: in a line, place two balls six feet from the hole, two balls at nine feet, two balls at 12 feet and two balls at 15 feet.

Once it's ready, start putting inside out. Keep track of how many you make.

The first few times you may only make five or six, but over time you will be disappointed if you aren't making most of them.

Keep practicing. Hopefully, the challenge of beating yourself keeps you on the putting green for some really important practice.

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