Packers: Bulaga still 'looking at all of his options'

GREEN BAY, Wis. - The play, the seventh of Saturday night's Packers Family Night practice, seemed like nothing of note.

A pileup occured and left tackle Bryan Bulaga left "kicking his leg a little bit" according to Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

It's the reason Thompson and others in the Packers organization have hope for Bulaga, who the Packers doctors have diagnosed with a torn ACL, according to Bulaga's father, though team is not saying that publicly yet. He's getting a second opinion on the MRI from Dr. James Andrews before deciding anything officially.

On the field Tuesday, the Packers moved on while Bulaga's locker remained untouched, jersey and shoulder pads ready to be worn and shower sandles awaiting a foot. Instead, the feet that touched the sandles were those of the media, trying to jostle for space to speak with rookie David Bakhtiari, who has the locker to Bulaga's right and looks to hold down the left tackle position in his place.

The biggest question was whether Bulaga would attempt to play with an ACL that's at least partially torn.

The Packers carefully chose their words. But when asked how he would feel if Bulaga played with a torn ACL, teammate Josh Sitton minced no words.

"I would think he's stupid [if he did]," said Sitton, who plays right next to Bulaga. "He's got a career to worry about.

"It's not just about this year when you have something like that."

What is clear is that, after the injury, Bulaga returned to the Family Night practice and played well. Thompson noted it and Sitton said there was no noticeable change after the injury.

"He looked good the entire time," Sitton said. "He played a good number of plays with it hurt. He looked fine to me. He made all his blocks and looked good."

While Sitton joked that Bulaga should just "brace it up and play," he really felt "sick" when he heard the news about a teammate who had spent all summer in Green Bay working to recover from a hip injury that cost him the end of last season.

Head coach Mike McCarthy saw much of that work first-hand.

"To see him put as much as he has into this," McCarthy said. "It makes me feel bad for him."

McCarthy added that he "can count on one hand" how many times Bulaga has left the field in the middle of a practice due to injury.

Now, it appears he'll be sitting out a lot more.