Who needs County Board?

To the Editor:

In Our View of Aug. 8 (“Let voters have choice”), the Northwest Herald seems to favor a popularly elected chairman for the McHenry County Board.

It seems that the board cannot make a decision as to the position of county board chairman. These elected people on the board are now looking for further input from the constituency.

I do not see that there is any benefit to electing another person who cannot seem to make a decision. The job of the board is to make decisions.

If the current board cannot do its work, I would be in favor of dismissing all 24 members. Elections will not solve the problem; the board must not pretend to be our dysfunctional Congress by sitting around and doing nothing.

If the board continues to avoid its responsibilities, we might as well just elect one administrator who can do the job. Who needs the board?

Jerry Gross

Crystal Lake