Crystal Lake Public Library hosts Doodle the ‘P’ Contest

CRYSTAL LAKE – The Crystal Lake Public Library is conducting a "Doodle the ‘P’ Contest" for all ages as part of its 100-year anniversary series.

Crystal Lake residents and students of all ages are encouraged to decorate the “P” on a bookmark, available at the library, with pencil, pen, crayon, marker or paint.

Entries should be returned to a “Doodle the ‘P’" entry bucket at either Self Check station at the library by Oct. 19.

Three winners in each category will receive prizes of $10, $25 and $50, respectively. 

First -place winners in each category will have their bookmarks reproduced and made available at the EPIC Exploration Event on Nov. 16.

Entries will be judged on imagination, overall visual appearance, style/technique, color and reflection of the Crystal Lake Public Library brand. 

Siobhan Cottone, from the Lakeside Legacy Arts Foundation, and Amber Larsen will serve as judges.

For information, visit

– Northwest Herald