Algonquin puts AEDs in village facilities, police squad cars

ALGONQUIN – Automatic external defibrillators are now located inside multiple village facilities, according to a news release.

To help a person in the event of a heart attack, AEDs are in the Ganek Municipal Center, the police department and the public works facility. They also are in a few police vehicles.

“Many Algonquin facilities have an AED and staff trained to use them as well as being trained in first aid and CPR,” human resources director Todd Walker said. “Having these tools in place is critical to the survival of someone who experiences sudden cardiac arrest.”

Having AEDs in police vehicles provides an additional level of response because officers frequently are the first to arrive on the scene of sudden cardiac arrests and will be able to start early defibrillation until paramedics arrive.

The police department received two portable AEDs, which were donated by The Sara Kathleen Memorial Fund, “Bik’n to Keep the Beat” Fundraiser. 

These units are deployed at the beginning of every shift to the vehicles in the far east and west areas to maximize their use if needed.

“We are honored and thankful for the donation of the AEDs and excited at the prospect of better ensuring the health and safety of our employees and residents,” Walker said.

-Northwest Herald