End double-dipping

To the Editor:

Thank you for taking such an unambiguous stand against public-sector pension abuse in your Dec. 22 editorial (“New target for pension reform”).

I am appalled by the constant reports of double-dipping in Illinois. Many people that I know cannot find a good job, yet local officials, and those connected to them, have figured out a way to game the system and collect two paychecks that taxpayers end up funding.

I found it ironic that, on the same day and page as that editorial, you ran an op-ed by state Rep. Jack Franks, who also recently introduced a bill to punish double-dippers that your editorial failed to mention.

I hope your publication will come out in support of Franks’ legislation. As a taxpayer and resident of Illinois, I already feel overextended by the tax burden placed on me, and each story I read about another double-dipper is an infuriating reminder of why taxes are so high here.

Franks’ bill stands up for the majority of Illinoisans who are continually forced to pay for a small clique’s privilege. It should be passed as soon as possible.

Stewart Bailenson