Financing Obamacare

To the Editor:

In 2012, my drug plan premium was $290. In 2013, it was $385.

For 2014, it is $500 plus new Tier 1 surcharges. My 2014 cost is $693. Thank you, First Health and Obamacare for more than a 100 percent increase in two years for the same prescriptions.

Like Obamacare, you are forced to buy a drug plan or pay a penalty under Medicare. With no drug plan, my prescription cost would be $220 per year. I get the privilege of paying a extra $473 so it can be redistributed by donations and surcharges. How is that for the short end of the stick?

If the president demanded the billions of dollars lost in the bailout of GM, he would have billions for his giveaways. We pay a big price for the poor judgments of our elected officials. GM has $27 billion in cash. The odor is intense.

Oh, yes, Ford came out of the recession with no government help, adding jobs and doing better than GM.

Do the right thing. Start with the government waste, the president’s needless trips and taxpayer support of companies and unions instead of making seniors pay the bill.

John Mayerhofer