All political

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Metivier’s chastising Ms. Horn and Klein’sletters.

Mr. Metivier claims that the president’s issues were not political. On Benghazi, the secretary of defense, the Pentagon and the president knew within 30 minutes of the attack it was al-Qaida. Yet the following Sunday the administrationsent Ms. Rice to all of the major news networks to say that it was an “Internetvideo” that prompted the attack and not al-Qaida. Why?

Because the president was in the middle of a re-election campaign boasting that al-Qaida was on the decline and close to being defeated. Not political?

Lois Lerner of the IRS testified to Congress that she“didnothing wrong,” pled the fifth and then shortly afterretired. It has taken almost a year to investigate, and Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed Barbara Bosserman, who happens to have made significant campaign contributions to the Obama re-election fund. Not political?

Regarding the NSA; what’s worse, the president not knowing or ignoring the issue? I’m not defending Chris Christie; let’s see how the investigation plays out. He did do something the presidenthas yet to do – fire several people for their actions.

There are rouge employeesin business and government, andI’m impressed that you ran a company for more than 40 years and did not haveeven one. May I suggest that youwrite a book and tell the 99.9 percent of us how you managed to accomplish this? I’m sure that it would be No. 1 on the businessbest-seller list.

Gregory Walker

Lake in the Hills