Disagree with letters

To the Editor:

Unfortunately for Kelly Liebmann (“Quality of life,” Feb. 2), she was born 200 years too late.

I think she would have been much happier in a time when she could build a cabin out on the prairie and immerse herself in an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. There, regulated only by the sun and the wind, she could have basked in a libertarian utopia.

Mr. William Parrot (“Unaffordable liberalism,” Feb. 7) had his letter in the Northwest Herald again, and again the only thing that was new was the date that it was printed.

I keep reading Mr. Parrot’s letters in the hope that he may have had an epiphany, or at least plagiarized a new idea, but I’m always disappointed. I suspect Mr. Parrot’s letters are just as boring to write as they are to read.

Walter Enoch