Keep Zinke’s momentum

To the Editor:

I have known Andy Zinke, first as his attorney, then his co-worker and, finally, his friend.

I observe daily how he serves tirelessly as undersheriff of McHenry County, upholding in the highest regard the mission to serve and protect the citizens of McHenry County.

As candidate for McHenry County sheriff, he has endured shameless attacks. Unfortunately, these types of character assaults have become all too commonplace as part of political campaigns. However, what is uncommon is how Andy has risen above the mudslinging, letting his exemplary record and tireless service to the citizens of McHenry County be his voice.

Andy has elevated the office as undersheriff and has a clear plan to further elevate the programs offered by the sheriff’s office, which will benefit all the citizens of McHenry County. Elect Andy Zinke as the next sheriff of McHenry County to continue the momentum he has started.

Don Leist