Leave FWA alone

To the Editor:

Ilive on thebanks of the Fox River – just south of the McHenry Lock & Dam – since 1975and enjoy boating on the Fox and the Chain of Lakes.

The waterway usage back then was just beginning to see the influx of recreational boaters from the Chicago areapick up because ofthiswonderful waterway networkthat could be enjoyed by young and old, and be within an hour’s drive of the metropolitan area.

The numbers grew, and the Fox Waterway Agency was created in 1983 to oversee the maintenance as well asthe safety of themany peopleusing theFox River/Chain of Lakes area. The hands-on daily control of a local agencyis needed tomake sure that this area could handle the growth of water recreation activity safely, as well as making it fiscally responsible to the people of Illinois.

The dredging, waterway fees,and the sheriff’s patrol boats have had a very positive influence on the waterway activities over the years, which I am sure the many businesses and home owners on the Chain will attest to.

Sens. Terry Link and Julie Morrison, do notmove control of the Chain of Lakes area to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in Springfield. It is my contention that the politicians in Springfield could screw up a one-car funeral if given the chance.

The Fox Waterway Agency is paying for itselfwith good fiscal management and is doing a great job. Don’t screw it up.

Roger Krause