Prim has the experience

To the Editor:

Bill Prim believes that McHenry County is worth fighting for, and his No. 1 priority is serving the citizens of McHenry County.

Prim has served for almost three decades in law enforcement. During his years as commander of a nearby suburban police department, he was recognized and repeatedly honored for his strong leadership and management skills.

Bill Prim earned the respect and allegiance of the men and women serving on his police force, treating them with fairness, not favoritism.

We want our community to be a safe and secure place to live and raise our families.

Serving as a gang-crime specialist and focusing investigations on large-scale drug dealers, Bill Prim has the knowledge and experience to fight the war on drugs and make gangs and their leaders unwelcome here.

Your vote can make a difference. On March 18, vote for Bill Prim for sheriff.

Sue Serdar

Spring Grove