Prim will work for you

To the Editor:

Bill Prim is the most qualified candidate running for sheriff.

Twenty-seven years ago, he began as a suburban police officer and worked his way up to commander. Along the way, he worked in a variety of positions, giving him a comprehensive résumé and understanding of law enforcement and crime. He has worked with and received numerous awards from local, state and federal agencies.

Prim cares about the citizens and taxpayers in McHenry. Just as he has done in the past, he will cut through the bureaucracy and red tape to obtain drug asset forfeiture funds.

Bill Prim will be accountable to the taxpayer, using these forfeited funds to relieve the burden on the taxpayer.

We need a sheriff that works cooperatively with other county officials, and Prim has a history of doing just that.

If you want a sheriff that works for you, vote for Bill Prim on March 18.

Harriet Bardosy