‘Yes’ for county chair

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of a “yes” vote on the referendum to directly elect the county board chairman.

By supporting this, state Rep. Jack Franks is putting what is good for McHenry County before what is politically advantageous. He should be applauded for that. With all of the political sniping between Democrats and Republicans in Washington and Springfield, a leader willing to stand up to a good-old-boy club is refreshing.

Given the power of the office to appoint committee chairs and set the board’s agenda, the officeholder must be accountable to all of the people of McHenry County. Without this, our choices are limited to more of the same, which, looking at the tax burden and economic outlook in our community, is not an acceptable choice.

We should join Franks in putting aside petty partisanship for our common benefit.

Tim Keough