Well served with Provenzano

To the Editor:

The retirement of a number of longtime officeholders gives us the opportunity to elect new leaders in McHenry County.

One person I know will make an excellent leader in McHenry County is Nick Provenzano. I am supporting him for clerk.

As a County Board member, he has shown that he is ready to be a countywide leader. He fought against pay raises for elected officials, even voting to lower his own salary. He has led to ensure a balanced, fiscally responsible budget for the county, including voting to freeze the levy so the taxpayers are not burdened with higher taxes. And he has been an outspoken voice for transparency and reform.

We will be well served with Nick Provenzano as our clerk. I urge your readers to join me in voting for Nick Provenzano for clerk.

Kimberly Niehaus

Wonder Lake