In the dark

To the Editor:

In July, Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance began easement work on Garden Lane and Running Iron Drive in violation of two county ordinances by diverting the direction of stormwater runoff and creating dangerous culverts.

Not only did Mr. Lesperance fail to secure the required permits from the county for his pet project, he also never conducted any engineering work to see if his “fix” for neighborhood flooding problems would work.

If it is not enough that Mr. Lesperance feels that he is above following the same rules that you and I are required to respect, he also is unwilling to tell the taxpayers how much of their money he has spent hiring outside attorneys to fight this case.

One Freedom of Information Act request asking for this information was denied by the Nunda Highway Department, and a second FOIA was ignored. How much more of your hard-earned cash will Mike spend protecting his pride before this case is settled?

I guess we’ll never know unless someone holds him accountable.

Douglas Mann

Crystal Lake