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Media, government lying

Published: Friday, March 21, 2014 5:30 a.m. CST

To the Editor:

It’s unclear who first said, “The first casualty of war is the truth,” but our media and government have proven it.

Both have allied themselves with the anti-government forces in Ukraine, calling them “freedom fighters.” Our president called them “peaceful protesters.”

In December, these peaceful protesters arrived in Kiev’s once lovely downtown area with guns, knives and gasoline bombs and began their acts of violence. The unarmed Ukrainian police were beaten, shot and run over by a large, earth-moving machine. They were only given riot shields and helmets, which didn’t do much good against bullets.

They bullied Parliament into agreeing to hold early elections, but even this didn’t satisfy the mob’s bloodlust. They took over radio stations and killed the employees if they didn’t acquiesce to their demands. They ripped up beautiful tiles from the road and hurled the chunks at police and anyone who opposed them. More recently, they posted signs on the doors of citizens who don’t agree with them calling them traitors and marking them for violence.

Many Ukrainian citizens have fled to Russia for safe haven in fear of these new fascists. The Crimean Parliament asked Russia for security assistance to protect them from these thugs. Our media reported that Russia invaded Crimea.

Americans aren’t being told the truth about Ukraine, and it’s anyone’s guess as to why, but the media and our government are lying. I pray for a peaceful solution, but in the face of blatant misrepresentations, I fear the worst.

Mark Rehorst


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