Disappointed in paper

To the Editor:

I am so disappointed in the Northwest Herald.

On June 1, the headlines for the sports page were “Warriors walk off with 3rd straight regional title” and “Woodstock wins first regional in 22 years.”

Marengo girls are tucked away on page 3, with no picture and titled, “Marengo cruises to win regional.” This was their eighth straight regional win. What a slap in the face. Marengo just doesn’t rate? We are proud of our girls for what they have done and the hard work they put into a season that really never ends. They practice indoors during the winter, give up a lot of things, and this is the recognition they get? How sad.

About a month ago, high winds and hail came through this area. It was reported in the Herald that there was no damage in McHenry County. There again, we don’t count. The western part of the county had a building down, another partially down, irrigation systems tipped over and trees down. But there was “no” damage in the county.

It is about time that the Herald recognizes Marengo, we are part of the county all the way to the Boone County line. We are proud of our town, its people, schools and such.

We are over here.

Sue Kerlin-Simons