No injuries in Crystal Lake multi-vehicle crash

CRYSTAL LAKE — All three drivers said they were uninjured after a multi-vehicle accident Tuesday in Crystal Lake.

The crash, involving three vehicles, occurred at the intersection of Route 14 and Liberty Road around 12:20 p.m., Crystal Lake driver Mary Burton said.

"I slowed down for traffic and stopped, then 'boom,' " Burton said at the scene. "I got hit from behind."

Brooke Beckman, 19, of Woodstock, was driving behind Burton on Route 14. She was with a friend, coincidentally headed toward Crystal Lake Nissan to look for a new car, before feeling a bump from behind and then one at the front of her car.

The third vehicle, a white van driven by Nick Begrowicz of McHenry, was towed from the scene.

Cmrd. Dan Dziewior of the Crystal Lake Police Department later said Bergrowicz was given a citation for failure to reduce speed.

Begrowicz said the extent of the damage to his vehicle had yet to be determined, but it didn't look good.

"It's an old van, so I doubt they'll fix it," he said.

- Allison Goodrich