Inhumane treatment at fair

To the Editor:

“It’s hometown people who take pride in what they do whether it’s their livestock, their produce, their cars or tractors, and it’s kind of what reminds me of what Americana is all about,” was a quote in a Northwest Herald story about the county fair (“Demolition derby smashes at McHenry County Fair,” Aug. 4).

Clearly, the person didn’t witness the inhumane treatment of the minihorses toting children in 90-degree heat without adequate shelter, food or water. Or, you didn’t notice the monkey tied up for $1 pictures.

This makes me ashamed to be a part of “Americana.” Why doesn’t the McHenry County fair board research its vendors and discontinue the animal entertainment that is inhumane? Aren’t we a well-educated, relatively mid- to high-income county that should know better?

Justine Odishoo