Corporate greed

To the Editor:

Recently, a concerned letter writer indicated favor and support of “corporate deserters,” suggesting this is an acceptable tax loophole.

These corporate deserters – corporate owners, CEOs, presidents – wring out whatever profits they can to proliferate greed, including possible relocation of their corporate structure to foreign countries for tax advantages.

I say go. Get out now. Let these foreign countries try to protect your companies and your family the way in which you have prospered and safely grown your family in America. Americans have been blessed with the mightiest military force in our world’s history. We have put boots on the ground in too many God forsaken countries to protect our freedoms, by sending our youngest and finest into dangerously unsavory, warring conditions. But it is what it is.

This requires an obscenely, astronomical amount of money, and that is why you and I and all corporations must pay their fair share.

Corporate greed should not be tax deductible.

Al Bielsky

Holiday Hills