Inspirational story of successful weight loss

Posted on February 28, 2014 - 14:40:28

Check out this article fromthe Quincy Herald-Whig that tells us the story of a man, motivated by his children, who successfully lost 249 pounds.

His story is a realistic one.He had struggled with his weight for years and had tried multiple diets.Motivated by the birth of his second child, he began incorporating healthy lifestyle changes including regular exercise and healthy eating habits. His family made changes along with him to encourage and support his new regimen.

He is now living a happy, active lifestyle and serves as an inspiration to those around him.

It’s that Girl Scout cookie time of year

Posted on February 18, 2014 - 09:36:03

So, I admit it. I’m a sucker for cookies. Aren’t we all?

I am a Girl Scout leader and am one of those people encouraging little girls to go out and sell as many cookies as possible…. to you.

To protect your waistlines from these seemingly innocent boxes of cookies, I will give you the nutritional breakdown, from best to worst.

Best Choice: Savannah Smiles – only 140 calories and 1.5g saturated fat (5 cookies)

Trefoils – 160 calories and 2.5g saturated fat (5 cookies)

Thin Mints – 160 calories and 5g saturated fat (4 cookies)

Do-si-dos – 160 calories and 2g saturated fat (3 cookies)

Worst Choice:Tagalongs & Samoas – 140 calories and 5g saturated fat (2 cookies)

So hopefully you ordered the cookies towards the top of the list. If not, be sure to share your cookies with your friends. Don’t forget that you can always give monetary donations to Girl Scouts at cookie sale time instead of actually buying the cookies.

Yeah, right.

Childhood obesity can be predicted and prevented early on

Posted on February 4, 2014 - 12:55:47

As a mom of three, I know how hard it can be to say “no” to your kids when it comes to treats and unhealthy snacks.There are temptations for them everywhere they look, and as exhausted parents, we have a tendency to give in.

An article published by Shaw Media this weekdiscussesthe prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity and the importance of preventing it from the get-go.The earlier it is addressed, the earlier it can be prevented.

As a dietitian, the best advice I can give is to only allow healthy foods in the house, encourage your child to be active, and most importantly, be a good role model yourself.

Do we need vitamin supplements?

Posted on January 21, 2014 - 09:25:01

I read the article by Kevin Craver in Shaw Media publications this weekdiscussing recent research stating that multivitamin supplements have no effect on cognitive or cardiovascular health or other chronic diseases, and the potential recommendation to avoid them completely.

For those of us in the field of nutrition, this is not news.Research pertaining vitamin supplementation has indicated this for a long time.

I came to the field of nutrition after spending a few years working in health food stores.These stores have a strong culture behind them that I love.Many of my closest and dearest friends are a part of this culture and believe strongly in the products they are selling to people, as I did for years too.When the discussion of dietary supplements, their safety, and their necessity came up while I was in school, I was often on the defense, supporting my health food store nation.

There is significant research, as mentioned in Craver’s article, finding little or no benefit to vitamin supplementation.In some cases, supplementation can be harmful.With this being said, it’s still hard to deny that many people claim to feel better after taking multivitamins and other dietary supplements.Is it the placebo effect or direct effects of the supplement?

As a dietitian, we are taught to encourage food as the primary source of nutrients in the diet.I’m going to stick with this position.If a multivitamin seems to make you feel better and give you more energy, I’m not going to tell you not to take it, but please try to make sure you’re eating your fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at the same time.

And remember that too much of anything is usually not a good thing.

A calendar for health in the New Year

Posted on January 14, 2014 - 11:16:01

Shaw Media recently printed Washington Post story “12 Months of Fitness.” I thought this was a great example of starting slow and building gradually on healthy lifestyle goals including both exercise and fitness.For those looking for some realistic health goals this New Year, check out this great resource.

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