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Glenda Miller



601 Little John Ln, Harvard, IL 60033

Chief Deputy Treasurer, McHenry County, IL



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On The Record

Why are you running for county treasurer?

I am running for McHenry County Treasurer because I enjoy helping people and showing them that their government works for them, not the other way around. As Chief Deputy Treasurer, Iíve had the chance to help thousands, and Iíve made some good friends. As Treasurer, I want to do even more to make the Treasurerís Office work for and with taxpayers and local officials. Beyond that, I believe I have developed a skill set uniquely suited for the position. By background and training, including an undergraduate degree in business administration and an MBA from Aurora University, combined with over two decades in community banking and my over 17 years as Chief Deputy Treasurer, I have both the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to be Treasurer. Finally, when the incumbent Treasurer announced his plans to retire, numerous Republican leaders, local officials and just regular people Iíve met as Chief Deputy, all called urging me to run. Many of these people have endorsed my candidacy and/or contributed to my campaign. For these reasons, I decided to run for McHenry County Treasurer.

You are seeking to replace a long-time incumbent who held the office for decades. What do you plan to do to ensure continuity of services? What will you do the same or differently?

As Chief Deputy Treasurer for the past 17 years, I was deeply involved in the development and implementation of the many technological advances that have transformed the office from its paper past to its internet present. I know how to build on those advances. I was privileged to be allowed to assemble the Treasurerís Office staff, which my opponent has said he would retain. Working with that staff, I will continue to deliver the high quality service taxpayers have come to expect. As to what I might do differently, I have said I would place a greater emphasis on outreach efforts in order to make the property tax system better understood by taxpayers and therefore more accessible to them. I have also proposed other changes, which can be found on my website www.glendamiller.com.

What can be done to make the treasurer's office run more efficiently?

Future efficiencies will only come from adapting technological advances to fit the requirements of the Treasurerís Office. Operating with a staff of 12, with expectation of an increasing workload resulting from a resumption of growth in residential, commercial, and industrial development sure to come; only those technologies can produce the increased efficiencies we must demand.

What are your plans to modernize the office?

As I said in response to the previous question, I am committed to adapting technological advances to the operations of the Treasurerís Office. Currently, I am working with our software vendor to build on our existing platform to make both inquiries and payments less complicated and more convenient. In addition, I expect to make more information readily available to taxpayers. I am examining recent changes made in Cook and other counties as well as those recently announced by the State Comptroller in the information to be available on her site. I can certainly foresee a time when our existing platform will no longer be adequate for the demands we make of it. Working with other officials involved in the property tax process, I would hope to engage in an ongoing review of our future

What can the treasurer's office do to be more accessible to residents?

As I noted before, I intend to expand outreach efforts to ensure that all taxpayers, especially seniors and active and retired military personnel, are aware of all exemptions for which they may qualify. In addition, we will try to make the entire property tax process better understood by taxpayers. In these efforts, we will utilize not only traditional means of communication, but also new means of outreach, including social media like Facebook, Twitter, and their competitors. I also plan to make improvements in the Treasurerís existing website by providing more detailed information on tax distributions, investment strategies and other Office operations.

What is the most-pressing issue the treasurer's office faces?

The most pressing issue facing the Treasurerís Office is its stewardship of the countyís finances. As the official responsible for managing the countyís investments, the current economic uncertainty demands that the Treasurer pay close attention to market fluctuations, so as to both safeguard county funds and maximize investment returns, reducing the burden on county taxpayers. Along the same lines, McHenry County currently enjoys one of the highest credit ratings in the nation. This allows the county to manage its monies in such a way as to further reduce the taxpayersí burden. The Treasurerís Office must do all it can to help protect the Countyís credit worthiness.

How would you differentiate yourself from your opponent?

What distinguishes me from my opponent is my over 17 years as Chief Deputy Treasurer. The Treasurer is an administrator, as is the Chief Deputy Treasurer. Together, they direct a staff of 12. They oversee that staff in the performance of their duties, the most important of which is, of course, the collection and distribution of property tax monies on behalf of over 200 units of local government. These communities and districts rely on the Treasurerís Office for the timely and accurate distribution of those funds to pay their bills and support the delivery of vital services to their residents. My opponent has no comparable executive and administrative experience with the management of public funds and the tax cycle process. Instead he offers a so-called fresh set of eyes and new ideas. When it comes to the Treasurerís Office, my vision is 20/20 and my ideas are and will be informed by those seventeen plus years at the Officeís highest level. The bottom line is my experience has prepared me to be the next McHenry County Treasurer.

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