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Robert Nowak



5463 Whitmore Way; Lake in the Hills

General Contractor, self employed

Divorced, Kelly

On The Record

Why are you running for County Board?

Im running for County Board because I live, worked, raised a family in McHenry County and I want others to enjoy those same benefits as I have. As the county grows and matures someone needs to be preserved and protected the unique beauty and style of the county. The road ways need to be improved and expand to accommodate the growing population. Retail needs to expand to keep up with increase demands with the growing population. Businesses need to grow to provide more job opportunities. The increase in businesses would help the property tax base providing relief to the residence of the county. There needs to be more protection of ground water recharge and protection of the wet lands and storm water basins.

What is your top priority if you are elected?

Completion of the Unifed Development Ordinace (UDO); completion of the Storm Water ordinance; Holding the freeze on he Tax Levy.

What is your position on shrinking the County Board's size?

At this time Im not in favor of reducing the size of the County Board. However, there has been a Committee formed to review the possibility of some reduction. As it is right now you have four members from each district, representing 53,000 residents. Along with the representation of the population you have Committees of the Board that are composed of a Board Member from each district to keep a diverse opinion.

Do you favor reducing the levy of Valley Hi Nursing Home and spending down its cash reserve? Why or why not?

I would be in favor of reducing the levy for Valley Hi. I would not be in favor of spending down the cash reserve. I Valley Hi nursing home is dependent on state funding and that has been very reliable the last few years. I also like a cash reserve for a rainy day.

Do you believe county government should continue to keep its tax levy frozen? Why or why not? And if not, what expenses would you cut to ease the burden on taxpayers?

I do believe that County government should continue to keep a freeze on the Tax Levy. The tax levy is no longer needed to support government, the natural growth of the County has kept up with the increased costs and needs of the County. This has been happening for the last two budget cycles.

What does county government do that it should not be in the business of doing?

County government needs to get involved with legislative action at the senate and house levels to stop and reduce the tax increase across the state and McHenry County. County government needs to make and influence state regulations with the strength of the people.

What can the County Board do to make the county more attractive to employers?

Ease of transportation would provide greater opportunities for businesses and industry. Ease of transportation would benefit both, employers and employees of the companies. More businesses create more opportunities for residence, more residence require more housing, housing builds families, and families consume goods produced by businesses. All this is done with a strong Board and a commitment to growth.

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