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Michael Rein




High School, , Woodstock High School

Associates Degree, , McHenry County College

Bachelors Degree, Human Biology, National College of Chiropractic

Other, Doctor of Chiropractic, National University of Health and Sciences

Doctor of Chiropractic, Self


On The Record

Why are you running for County Board?

I am running because I believe our county's residents need someone to stand up for them and their beliefs. I feel that our government continues to try and micromanage people. Government has overextended itself into our lives with more and more laws and bureaucracy. This not only restricts us but takes away our freedoms that this nations was built upon. I also believe that since McHenry County is in the top 25 in the nation for taxation this does not translate into effective nor efficient government. I feel that with my background I bring a unparallelled diversity that no other County Board Member has. Being a United States Marine Vet, Construction Worker, and Business Owner in the Health Care Industry I understand many different problems that will arise within our county. However with forward planning I can help eliminate those problems before they become larger issues. This will in the long run help keep our taxes lowered.

What is your top priority if you are elected?

The three issues that most families worry about are jobs, the economy and taxes. I wonder how our local economy will grow when our taxes are listed among the top 25 in the nation? That reality paired with the fact that Illinois is crippled with debt and overspending problems, creates a recipe for overtaxing to continue. People, and more importantly businesses, are leaving our county and state because of these problems. We have to come up with simple fixes to very complex problems created by past politicians. Government has overextended itself into our lives with more and more laws and bureaucracy. We must start fixing these problems at our local and county levels first. I believe that I can bring these common sense and reasonable solutions to the people of McHenry County.

What is your position on shrinking the County Board's size?

I feel that the size of the County Board is good at this time. There are 12 standing committees for the board to run. 2 other commissions and 24 Liaison positions. I think that the 6 districts with 4 members each can give good representation of the people. The 4 members are divided up on the committees in each district to have equal representation among them. Typically on 3 committees. I know one of the proposals was individual districts. I feel that individual districts that one person cannot represent themselves on all 12 committees. So having a representation to there district would be impossible. I feel that this would not represent the voters and there taxpayer dollars.

Do you favor reducing the levy of Valley Hi Nursing Home and spending down its cash reserve? Why or why not?

With over a $35 Million cash reserve for Valley Hi I feel that we need to find every way to spend down those reserves. In short Valley Hi should have never been able to accumulate a $35 Million cash reserve. This is were transparency needed to be addressed to the public. However, one aspect that Valley Hi does not know at this time is the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act will have on its facility. With the unknown happening soon within the mandate costs and services billed are going to be different then they are right now.

Do you believe county government should continue to keep its tax levy frozen? Why or why not? And if not, what expenses would you cut to ease the burden on taxpayers?

I do believe that we should keep the tax levy frozen at this time. People are caught in a catch 22 right now. People trying to get value out of their home after the recession but if their home values go up their taxes go up. Even a 10% increase could cost homeowners another $500-$1000 and even more per year. The County's budget from taxpayer dollars has gone up significantly over the past 6 yrs even with keeping the levy frozen. And projections are the same. McHenry County needs to find ways to cut back on expenses. When the County is in the top 25 in taxes in the nation everything that is done within our county needs to be taken a serious look at from top to bottom. No department should be excluded from trying to find more reasonable ways to cut high taxes.

What does county government do that it should not be in the business of doing?

The County needs to be diligent with the taxpayers dollars. The Board needs to start going through the Departments and finding those services that should only be constructed within the County and not overlapping within the State, Federal, and Municipalities. By cutting back services that are offered or run through other areas of Government only makes for better efficient Government. It does not matter if money comes from Grants or other services of Government it is still the taxpayer dollars. If the County is overlapping services 2 or 3 times this is where effectiveness does not serve our taxpayers.

What can the County Board do to make the county more attractive to employers?

70% of all businesses are small businesses. Having a small business I understand the concerns of these businesses. The County Board needs to work with the municipalities closely and our elected officials in our state and federal levels to help create and build toward the future of our county. Also the ability for our county to continue economic progress to sustain our workforce (and their families) requires us to look at the current infrastructure and transportation plan.Businesses will not relocate to our county simply because our roads would not support them. Fiscal accountability, private and public partnerships, and community engagement are imperative to successfully altering this dilemma. It is the County Board’s responsibility to address this issue in a proactive rather than reactive manner.

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