Michele Aavang




Associates Degree, , McHenry County College

Farmer, Self-employed

Married, Gary Aavang

Grant, 22

On The Record

Why are you running for county board?

I have a keen interest in the future of McHenry County as the owner of a local business, and as a member of a family that has roots here dating back to the 1840s. Since being elected to this office over a year ago I have enjoyed meeting many residents and working to help them with concerns. I have also been an advocate for agriculture; I hope to win re-election this year to continue. My leadership experience and community involvement, combined with my decades of practical managerial and business experience enable me to be a thoughtful and effective board member.

What is your top legislative priority if you are elected?

A top legislative priority would have to be taxation. I support efforts to control taxes, including property tax fairness. I oppose unfunded mandates imposed by the state or federal government.

Where do you stand on the upcoming March referendum to make the County Board chairmanship popularly elected by the voters?

Im pleased that the issue will appear on the ballot. Lets allow the voters to decide how they wish to fill this position. Personally, I can see both advantages and disadvantages to having the position popularly elected. In District 6, the more rural part of the county that encompasses the vast majority of the unincorporated land in the county, it could be seen as a disadvantage.

Do you believe that the County Board before 2013 kept an adequate eye on the finances and spending of the McHenry County Mental Health Board? Why or why not?

The County Board is responsible for approving the Mental Health Boards budget and appointing their board members. Other financial decisions, including grant management, are made by the Mental Health Board itself. A County Board member is appointed as a liason to the MHB and should have access to detailed financial reports so that adequate oversight can be accomplished.

Do you believe the county should continue to run Valley Hi Nursing Home, or would you like to see it sold to a private entity?

The county should continue to operate Valley Hi. Its running effectively and fills a very real need in the county. Valley Hi is an asset that is highly valued by the residents here. To sell it at this point would serve no purpose.

What issues would you like to see addressed in the upcoming Unified Development Ordinance?

The UDO should clarify zoning and land use issues and answer questions that concern residents. It must be mindful to protect economic, quality of life, agricultural, and natural resource interests. It will bring together various ordinances and become a more concise and user-friendly document.

Do you believe county government should continue to keep its tax levy frozen? Why or why not? And if not, what expenses would you cut to ease the burden on taxpayers?

At this point, I feel that it would be wise to keep the tax levy frozen. Although unemployment numbers are improving in the county and some economic recovery is reported, there are families here that are still suffering negative consequences from the past widespread economic downturn. The County remains financially sound and an increase in the levy is not necessary presently.

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