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  • MCC to introduce real Hamilton

    The truth about the real Alexander Hamilton, why he was the most important founding father after George Washington and why the hit Broadway show is ma ...
    Oct. 22, 2016 - 11:22 am
  • Matte finishes are a top fall decor trend

    Take a look through the fall decor catalogs or browse the aisles of furnishings stores and you’ll see a recurring theme: matte finishes.
    Oct. 21, 2016 - 3:00 pm
  • Mix-and-match banner makes mantel decor easy

    I recently moved to a new house that is less than half the size of my former home, but the new place has one key feature the old one lacked: a firepla ...
    Oct. 21, 2016 - 2:59 pm
  • McHenry County Planit 10: Pink Floyd tribute at McHenry Outdoor Theater, 'The Trump Card,' Fall Fun in Huntley & more

    Looking for something to do? We have 10 suggestions. McHENRY OUTDOOR THEATER PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE WH ...
    Oct. 21, 2016 - 1:00 am
  • Your guide to fall theater in McHenry County and beyond

    From a Halloween spoof to Shakespeare to Ralphie, there’s plenty to see on small and big stages throughout McHenry County.
    Oct. 20, 2016 - 12:01 pm
  • New McHenry County theater company to bring film classic 'His Girl Friday' to life in Woodstock

    Riding the success of an inaugural attempt to bring classic film to stage, a new McHenry County theater company now is taking on “His Girl Friday.”
    Oct. 19, 2016 - 11:24 pm
  • Woodstock Opera House's 'Dracula' returns for an 'adrenaline ride'

    There’s a reason why Megan Wells’ “Dracula” is returning to the Woodstock Opera House for the sixth year in a row.
    Oct. 19, 2016 - 11:47 pm
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show – A Cult Tradition

    Every year around Halloween, one movie keeps coming up. A cult classic. It’s not particularly scary. In fact, it’s a musical comedy.
    Oct. 19, 2016 - 1:04 pm
  • After you harvest these common crops, there's one last step

    The word “cure” can be confusing when applied to vegetables. It’s not about the resolution of maladies but rather their prevention. Like the ecclesias ...
    Oct. 14, 2016 - 3:34 pm
  • Meet the McHenry County Masters: Howard A. McCarthy of Marengo

    Hometown: Marengo since 1993, born Buffalo, New York, raised in Rolling MeadowsYear you became a ...
    Oct. 14, 2016 - 12:32 pm
  • Designing a functional yet stylish mudroom

    Mudrooms have been a staple of large houses, especially in climates with plenty of rain and snow. But increasingly, a mudroom has become a design esse ...
    Oct. 14, 2016 - 12:30 pm
  • McHenry County Planit 10: Autumn Drive, Pub in the Park, Great Apple Ride & more

    Looking for something to do? We have 10 suggestions. 29TH ANNUAL AUTUMN DRIVE WHEN: 9 a.m. to 5 p. ...
    Oct. 13, 2016 - 11:23 pm
  • Review: ‘Young Frankenstein’ has brains and courage, but lacks heart

    Like another classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” Mel Brooks’ classic 1974 comedy “Young Frankenstein” features a protagonist who travels far from home ...
    Oct. 12, 2016 - 4:50 pm
  • Review: 'The Bardy Bunch' parody intrigues with plot twists, song, dance

    The premise of “The Bardy Bunch” is intriguing: the famous 1970s sitcom families, “The Partridge Family” and “The Brady Bunch,” thinly disguised as th ...
    Oct. 13, 2016 - 8:08 am
  • Review: Woodstock Opera House's spirited 'Joseph' a harmonious success

    Woodstock Musical Theatre Company has chosen its season opener wisely. The Barry Norton-directed “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat” is spirited ...
    Oct. 12, 2016 - 4:47 pm
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