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  • Delphiniums are a worthwhile challenge

    My delphiniums are now in all their stately glory, the 5-foot, blue spires reaching for the sky as they guard the gate to my vegetable garden.
    June 24, 2016 - 5:10 pm
  • The right wallpapers can take you on a trip

    Wallpaper goes in and out of fashion. Right now, it’s enjoying an “in” moment.There are wildly creat ...
    June 24, 2016 - 5:10 pm
  • Spiders are among most effective predators of plant pests

    Although many people have a built-in aversion to them, spiders rank as one of the gardener’s best tools for biological pest control.
    June 17, 2016 - 1:39 pm
  • A guide to understanding new light-bulb terms, LEDs and more

    Anyone who has stood in confusion in the light-bulb aisle (and that’s most of us) knows that technology and the push to save energy are continuing to ...
    June 17, 2016 - 1:38 pm
  • Staking trees: Do it only if needed, and do it right

    To stake or not to stake?Too many gardeners answer this question in the affirmative. Who doesn’t wan ...
    June 10, 2016 - 11:18 am
  • Explore ways to decorate around a television

    Television screens just keep getting bigger, which is great if you’re an avid binge-watcher, but not so convenient if you’re trying to decorate a livi ...
    June 10, 2016 - 11:18 am
  • Charity begins in the home garden: how to share your harvest

    Gardening can be especially rewarding when some of the harvest is given to charity. Contributing just-picked fruits and vegetables not only alleviates ...
    June 3, 2016 - 2:16 pm
  • US-made woven bedspreads, blankets are modern-day heirlooms

    When I was a kid, I would weave warm and fuzzy miniature blankets for my Barbie dolls using a tiny loom.
    June 3, 2016 - 2:15 pm
  • Eco-friendly lawns: The natural look is in.

    Eco-friendly lawns are sprouting up across America as property owners realize they can get better results for less work and money. Some are getting im ...
    May 20, 2016 - 4:20 pm
  • Eyes up: Raising the ceiling can dramatically change a room

    Architects tend to look skyward: The ancient Greeks built coffered ceilings in their temples. Romans introduced the barrel vault. Medieval builders co ...
    May 20, 2016 - 4:18 pm
  • Don't ignore forsythia just because it's gone green

    The warm glow of forsythias cools down as their flowers fade and green leaves start to unfold. For the next 11 months, this plant that displays such c ...
    May 13, 2016 - 3:41 pm
  • Decor goes tropical this summer

    If there's one decor trend that hits summer's sweet spot, it's tropical style.Furnishings and access ...
    May 13, 2016 - 3:40 pm
  • Mulch is good, but which is the best?

    Mulching can be one of the best things you do for your trees and shrubs. It also can be one of the worst things you do for your trees and shrubs. Firs ...
    April 16, 2016 - 5:30 am
  • Pruning: Get the right cut for the growth you want

    In the short space that follows, I think I can guide you on how to prune any plant, from a midget marigold to a mighty oak.
    April 8, 2016 - 3:47 pm
  • Updated built-in breakfast nook brings practicality to kitchen

    The term “breakfast nook” sounds hopelessly trapped in the 1970s, but modern homeowners are embracing the style and practicality of built-in seating i ...
    April 8, 2016 - 3:48 pm
  • Want garden space in a city? Look up

    NEW YORK – Looking out across an urban or even some suburban skylines, most people see an expanse of rooftops.
    April 2, 2016 - 5:30 am
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