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By Stephanie N. Grimoldby -

I t’s a funny thing about Groundhog Days in Woodstock...

By Kevin Druley -

Norge Ski Club to host 112th annual Winter Ski Jump Tournament

By James Davids, MBA -

L eading into the election, the markets appeared to be expecting a Hillary Clinton win. It has been my experience that markets like clarity, therefore when the election night results started to turn in Donald Trump’s favor, the market futures responded negatively. In fact, many experts predicted a Trump win would cause markets to react similarly to what we witnessed after the “Brexit” referendum in August – extremely volatile with major declines for a few weeks, only to watch it rebound significantly once all of the information was digested. 

By Melissa Rubalcaba Riske -

When it comes to health care, Hadley Streng keeps finger on pulse of county

By Melissa Rubalcaba Riske -

Through family health clinic, Kathy Rauch instills value of volunteering

By Stephanie N. Grimoldby -

There’s nothing better than skiing on a brisk, sunny day, says Paul Mazurek of Crystal Lake. 

By Elizabeth Harmon -

Hit the Slopes Close to Home