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Follett Library lays off 85

McHENRY – Follett Library Resources in McHenry has laid off 85 warehouse workers, including 55 full-time workers and 30 temporary and part-time workers, after slumping orders from new K-12 schools this year.

Company spokesman Tom Kline said that order typically were busy from April to August, with Follett hiring temporary seasonal workers to meet demand, before a slowdown in September.

This year, though, the company for the first time did not add staff in the summer because of slow orders.

“There’s fewer new schools opening, and that’s led to fewer orders and lower sales, not just in September, but also in August, which is usually our biggest month,” Kline said.

Kline said the company expected to be able to rehire those workers who have been laid off when the orders pick up again.

“We entirely expect the market to improve,” he said, though he added the sales this year, “declined pretty significantly.”

Follett Library Resources sells library materials to new K-12 schools. It employs about 830 at its Ridgeview Drive facility in McHenry.

– Chris Freeman

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