An A-Z directory of bands & performers in McHenry County
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, featuring Thomas Dapper, guitar/vocals; Daniel Eichman, bass/backing vocals; Andy Larson, guitar/backing vocals; Blaine Sinderson, drums. Bookings: 608-322-0624 or; or

AL WETZEL & FRIENDS, covering music of Zac Brown, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Van Morrison and many others. Featuring Al Wetzel, guitar/vocals; Keith Edwards, guitar/vocals; James Ryan, guitar/vocals; Chris Buttleman, guitar/vocals. Bookings: 773-909-9298 or

, music from the ’70s to today. Featuring: Alex, lead vocals/drums; Buddy, (Dr. Woods) vocals/lead guitar; Lisa, vocals/keyboards/guitar; Bob, bass guitar. Bookings: 847-639-9683 or

, rock band featuring former members of Trilogy: John Kranz, bass/lead vocals; Mike Mazrin, drums; Ted Pitzen, keys/lead vocals; and Dan Stromstedt, lead guitar/vocals; and Heather Niederkorn, lead vocals. Bookings: 815-236-4666 or

AMBROSE KING AND THE RIVER RATS, blues, rock party band. Featuring Scott C. Topp, vocals/horn/harp; John Treptow, drums/vocals; Jack Treptow, guitar/vocals; Matt Van Ham, bass/vocals; Vince Salerno, sax. Bookings: Scott, 847-639-0922 or

THE ATLAS STONE, progressive/rock/metal band from Algonquin. Featuring Jason Jayandro Andropolis, guitar; Steve Somogyi, guitar; and Leo Nelson, drums. Bookings:

AUNT JANET BAND, rock & roll band. Featuring Janet, vocals; Pete Gil, guitar/vocals; Dave Kay, guitar; Bob Brady, bass/vocals; and Dave Kerr, drums. Bookings: Janet, 815-355-1821 or

AXE GRINDER (aka ROCK-DOCS), an updated mix of rock classics from the ’70s through today. Featuring Mike, guitars/vocals; Willie, guitars/vocals; Kenny, bass/vocals; Jeff, drums/vocals. Bookings: Information:


BLACK CAT BONE, blues, rhythm and blues, funk band. Featuring Sam Zuidema, vocals/guitar; Matt Palsgrove, bass; and Jimmy Pinkl, drums. Bookings: Sam,

BLOODLINE, original rock and blues with a handful of covers from today’s artists. Featuring Fred Hyzny, vocals/guitar; Laura Lambert, vocals; Freddie Hyzny Jr., drums; Loribeth Hyzny, bass/keyboard; David Hyzny, lead guitar/rhythm guitar/bass; Andrew Hinga, lead guitar/bass; Cassandra Feltner, keyboard/vocals. Bookings: 815-823-3708; search Facebook for Bloodline The Hyzny Family Band or visit

BLUE SKIES, performing boogie, jazz, rock, top 40, swing, Latin and pop. Featuring Reid Spears, keyboards/vocals; Phil Ciancio, sax/flute/vocals; and Sam Geati, percussion. Bookings: 847-370-4114 or

BLUSH, a female-fronted cover band featuring Dina DeMonte, vocals; David Brian, guitar; Walter Delaney, guitar; Dave Wurzbach, bass; and John Falcus, drums. Bookings: David, 847-445-8004; or

BONY KNEES, classic rock and alternative music from the ’60s to today. Featuring Jeff Fowler, vocals; Larry Groves, guitar; Tom Harrison, drums/vocals; Jeff Jayko, bass/vocals; Tom Oeffling, guitar/vocals. Bookings:

BOTTOMZ UP, music from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today. Featuring Laure Walydyn, vocals; Glenn Biron, guitar/backup vocals; Jim Davidge, bass/vocals; Pete "Skills" Bartolomei, drums; Larry Chase, guitar. Information: or on Facebook.

BOUNTY HUNTER FIVE, classic rock and Southern rock band featuring Carol Pilger, lead vocals/vocals; John Noel, lead vocals/vocals; Mike Weatherford, guitar/vocals; Roger Jarva, drums; Don Paulson, bass/vocals; Lou Paulson, keyboards, harp, lead vocals/vocals; Marty Howe, sound/steadycam interviews. Bookings: 847-854-0438; or on Facebook.

, ’70s/’80s hard rock and heavy metal cover band featuring Mike Basil, lead vocalist; Frank Lucas, keyboards/backing vocals; Jeff Senger, guitar/backing vocals; Mike Pasquale, bass guitar/backing vocals; and Ken Wentling, drums. Bookings: or on Facebook.

BRENT HOODENPYLE & THE LONERS, traditional and alternative country music originals and covers, featuring Brent Hoodenpyle, vocals/rhythm guitar; John Ballantyne, lead guitar; Buddy Carter, bass/harmony/vocals; and Leslie Santos, drums. Bookings: 254-436-0099; or

BROKEN ARROW, a Neil Young tribute band from McHenry County featuring Doug Wolff, Jason Schultz, Ben Abney and Jared Olson. Bookings: Jason Schultz, 815-788-2490.

BUCKLEY ROAD BAND, country music band featuring Katie Klein, lead vocals; Chris Bradley, lead guitar/vocals; Steve Clough, rhythm guitar/vocals; Bob Haraden, fiddle/mandolin/vocals; Joe Eucolono, pedal steel guitar/banjo/dobro/guitar; Paul Durand, bass guitar/vocals; Ralph Colao, drums; and Kurt Disch, sound tech. Information:; Facebook; or!/buckleyroadband.

BULLFROG, a mix of classic rock, blues and more, featuring Billy Galaxy, lead guitar/vocals; Gary Mlekush, bass guitar/vocals; Steve Randahl, rhythm guitar/vocals; and Charlie Crowell, drums/vocals. Bookings: Gary at 815-455-4669 or


CASSANDRA & THE GRAVEL ROAD BAND, featuring Cassandra Vohs-Demann, piano/guitar; Graham Butler, drums; Rick Van Dyne, lead guitar; and Jim Seidel, bass. Information: Cassandra, 847-507-1352 or

CATALANO, Chicago’s original rock/metal, Rogue Records recording artists with influences from bands such as Queensryche, Nightwish, Edguy and Metallica to Journey, The Who, The Beatles and others. Members: Dean Pressley, vocals; Pat Catalano, lead guitar/keys; Mike Myzyri, bass; John Catalano, lead guitar/guitar. Bookings: 708-402-8540; Facebook or

CENTERFOLD, a mainstay of Chicago rock and roll cranking out the greatest hits of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Featuring Cindy Safran, vocals; Mark Wedow, guitar/vocals; Eric Wedow, drums/vocals; Chuck Federowicz, bass/vocals; Tom Kranz (formerly of Trilogy), guitar/keyboard/vocals. Bookings and information: 708-284-2902;; Facebook or

CHANGE IS GOOD, current, classic & original rock featuring John Grewe, guitars/vocals/harmonica; Jed Piquette, vocals/percussion; Jerry Bruns, vocals/bass. Bookings: 815-653-3402 or

CHARISSA MROWKA, of Johnsburg, and her country band, Charissa & Auburn Sky Band. Information: 815-388-3091 or

CHASE THIS CITY, blend of alternative, pop-punk and heavy rock. Featuring Zach Keenum, vocals/guitar; Joey Miranda, guitar/vocals; Wil Lentz, guitar/vocals; Chris Vargas, bass; and Jeff DiPuma, drums. Bookings: 815-540-5416 or Information:

CHERYL & ANDY, playing country, folk, Americana, pop. Featuring Cheryl Niemo, vocals/percussion/acoustic guitar; and Andy Andrick, vocals/acoustic guitar. Bookings: 847-915-1294 or


DENNY DIAMOND & THE FAMILY JEWELS, father and sons group from Harvard that sounds like Neil Diamond and performs a tribute to his music. Featuring Denny, vocals/guitar/synth; Lucas, vocals/guitar/synth; and Spenser, vocals/bass/drums. Information: 815-893-9202; or

, playing his “Music We Know” program of favorites from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and beyond in a variety of styles in jazz, rock, blues, country and pop. Bookings: 815-356-5865 or

DR. RHYTHM & THE ROCKERS, music that will have you on your feet in no time. Featuring Jack Slaughter, guitar/vocals; Al Etten, bass/vocals; Duwayne Fair, drums/vocals; and Don Etten, guitar/harmonica/vocals. Bookings: 815-385-8580 or 815-385-6057.

, experimental hard rock band from the Woodstock area playing high-energy original compositions and covers from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and more. Featuring Judson Brown on guitar, vox; David Reilly on bass; Daniel Villarreal Carrillo on drums. Information:

DUO DEL SOL, playing powerful instrumental music on classical instruments that is inspired by the relevant music of today. Featuring Tom Farrell, guitar; and Javier Orman, violin. Information: or


, jukebox oldies show band playing music from the 1950s through the 1970s dance music. Featuring Dave Lapaglia, rhythm guitar/vocals; Glenn Kolota, drums/vocals; Scott Jensen, lead guitar/vocals; Brian Farrar, keyboards/vocals; and Bob Aldape, bass guitar/vocals. Bookings: 815-354-5421 or 773-490-3960.

ELDER KAOS, music from the '60s through today. Featuring Tim Michaels, lead vocals; Ron McCannon, guitar/vocals; Dave Barnes, guitar; Gary Mlekush, bass guitar/vocals; Gary Brandt, drums/vocals. Bookings: Tim, 847-826-8677; or

EVEN FIVE, the band that plays the songs you like, classic, current and rock and roll. Featuring Mike Christenson, vocals/guitar; Tony Clavesilla, lead guitar/keys; Sam Acosta, bass; Colin Halliday, keyboards/guitar; and Jerry Wetter, drums. Bookings: Tony, 224-622-0472 or


FAST TIMES, a high-energy band that rocks the ’80s music and lifestyle in the Chicagoland area. Featuring Paul Jones, guitar; Cory Case, guitar; Michael Burgess, lead vocals; Steve Alvarez, drums; J. Michael Ritta, bass. Bookings: Joey Demarco, 630-279-7625; or

FAULT BY DESIGN, alternative blues-rock style, mostly original compositions including some classic rock, blues and Dave Matthews. Featuring Christian Moore, lead vocals/guitar; Robert Kelley, lead guitar/vocals; Jimmy Pinkl, drums; and Vince Galasso, bass. Playing 24/7 on Facebook. Bookings: Robert, 847-828-6854; or Facebook.

FELIX AND FINGERS, a dueling piano and instrumentation act from Crystal Lake featuring Dave Radford, vocals/piano/guitar/drums/trumpet; and Mike Potts, vocals/piano/bass/sax/accordion/drums. Information:;; Facebook.

FIST TO THE SKY, for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and Five Finger Death Punch. Featuring Mickey, vocals/bass; Flipp, guitar/vocals; Hollywood, guitar/vocals; JD, drums. Bookings: Information:, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.


, playing blues and funk. Bookings:

, Jimmy Buffett, beach party music, classic rock. One-man band, with a voice and a guitar playing along to music digitally recorded and performed by Gregory B. Clubs, pool parties and fests. Bookings: 815-459-5910; or

GRINGO SOUL, a one-man project featuring Brandon Giannasi. All original music known as hip hop folk-rock. Information: 847-385-8447; or


HAIRDAZE, playing all your favories from the ’80s. Curt Anderson, guitar/vocals; Tom McTague, vocals; Mike Bianco, drums; and Dan Parilli, bass guitar/vocals. Bookings: 847-515-7908;; Facebook or Schedule: 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Oct. 19, Dock's Bar & Grill, Wauconda; 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Nov. 3, Thirsty Whale, Algonquin.

HANS AND THE HORMONES, pop, dance, rock from the ’60s to present. Hans Mast, vocals/guitar; Vic Champney, guitar; Glenn Crandall, bass; and Darren Marino, drums; Tony Wruke, keyboards. Bookings: Glen, 815-338-7253;; or Facebook. Schedule: Sept. 30, Fall Fest, Huntley; Oct. 6, Tommy Crandall benefit; 9:30 p.m. Oct. 13, Sideouts Bar, Island Lake; 3 p.m. Oct. 20, Cancer benefit at Checkers Restaurant, Union; 9:30 p.m. Oct. 26, The London Club, Crystal Lake; noon to 3 p.m. Oct. 27, Party at the Plaza for Plaza reopening (behind IHOP), Crystal Lake; 7 p.m. Nov. 7, Red Mill, Woodstock; Nov. 10, Doc's Bar, Wauconda; 9 p.m. Nov. 21, Offsides Thanksgiving eve party; 9:30 p.m. Dec. 8, Thirsty Whale, Algonquin.

, acoustic funk folk group from McHenry. Featuring Michael Heidemann, guitar/Vox and Rachel Woodall, Vox/ukulele. Information: Bookings: Chicago dates on the website.

HOT ROCKS, Rolling Stones tribute band named after their Hot Rocks album. Featuring Ed Bloom as "Mick," lead vocals/harmonica; Chris Minardi as "Keith," guitar/vocals; Bobby Koll as "Brian/Ronnie," guitar; Carmie Zac as "Bill," bass guitar/vocals; Paul Mally as "Stu," keyboard/vocals; Joe Wejman as "Charlie," drums. Information: 773-384-2460;; Facebook; MySpace; Twitter; or

HUDSON-McCOY THE BAND, classic rock, R & B, and original tunes. Featuring Michael McCoy, rhythm guitar/vocals; Jim Hudson, lead guitar/vocals; Joe LaSalla, bass/vocals; Chris "Kiffer" Allen, keyboards/vocals; and Chris Starke, percussion. Bookings and information: 815-222-1080 or

HUEY LONG, pop punk band from McHenry. Featuring RJ Hucker, guitar/lead vocals; Billy Penuel, bass/vocals; and Rocco Zaccagnini, drummer/vocals. Information: 815-861-8062 or


, blues band trio featuring John Oliver, vocals/guitar; Mark Alteri, drums; Ed Kazmierzak, bass. Bookings: Debbie, 815-404-0470.

INSTANT REWIND, classic rock of the '60s and '70s. Featuring Eric Gulbransen, lead guitar/vocals; Jeff Gulbransen, rhythm guitar/vocals; Vince Guerrero, drums/vocals; Mark Vogel, keyboards/vocals; and Ben Vogel, bass/vocals. Bookings: Eric, 224-545-7362 or


JACKED UP, a rock show and not just another gig. Voted best new cover band in 2010. Group delivers a first-class concert experience playing the greatest rock anthems from the ’60s through today’s megahits. Members are Goddog, lead vocals; JB, bass/vocals; Master Splinter, drums/vocals; and Special K, guitars/vocals. Bookings:

JAZZ ENTERPRISE, that perfect touch of blues and jazz. Available in all sizes, though regularly a five-piece combo, we are dedicated to satisfy your music needs. Featuring Al Skaronea, keyboard; Christine Gilmer, saxophone; Daniel Villarreal, drums; Dave Reilly, bass; and Robert Kelley, guitar. Information: Robert, 847-828-6854 or

JELLY BONES, local band from Algonquin that categorize themselves along the lines of psychedelic/alternative. Members are Frank Lintzeris, vocals/guitar; Henry Brennan, guitar/vocals; Ryan Ayers, bass; Geon Tillinghast, drums/vocals; and Eric Donati, guitar. Information:; or

JIGGLE THE HANDLE, classic rock with a mix of blues on the funky side. Featuring Wayne Ewing, Hammond Organ and a real 122 Leslie/vocals; Joel Tarpinian, lead guitar/vocals; Kip Christensen, lead guitar/vocals; Mac Rietz, bass/vocals; and Ted Rowling, drums/vocals. Bookings: Variety Entertainment, 847-526-9111 or

JOHNNY BEE & THE STINGERS, R & B, the way it’s meant to be! Featuring Johnny Bee, lead guitar/vocals; Shawn Reske, drums/vocals; and Greg Van Nostrand, bass/vocals. Bookings: 847-561-5266 or

, 16-year-old Crystal Lake recording artist. The guitar/vocalist plays a variety of popular cover songs. Information: 815-341-0571 or

JUST DUET , Sandie Kindschy and Suzy Schwartz, guitar and vocal duet play music from the ’50s through today. Information: 815-790-9081, or Schedule: 7:30 p.m. Sept. 29, Trio Grille (with special guest George Muligano on lead guitar), Marengo; 7:30 to 9 Oct. 26, 4th Fridays at Starline Gallery, Harvard; Nov. 3, Collier House benefit.

PATIO DADDY-O, rockin' through the ages, '60s to today. Classic rock, blues. Featuring Tony Giglio, lead vocals/drums; Tony Clavesilla, lead guitar/vocals; Ron Hilger, bass guitar/vocals. We do private parties. Bookings: 224-622-0472. Facebook Schedule: 6 to 10 p.m. Oct. 7, Jennifer Butts benefit, Woodstock Moose; 9 p.m. Oct. 20, The Point, Gilberts; 9 p.m. Nov. 3, The Gambler, McHenry; 9 p.m. Nov. 17, Lily Lake Resort, Burlington, Wis.

, singer/songwriter. Information: Shotgun Records, 815-759-0042 or

, MoTown, blues, classic rock. Featuring Peter, lead vocals; Missy, background/lead vocals; Kim, background vocals; Tom, lead guitar; Bob, rhythm guitar; Tom, bass guitar; Dwayne, drums; and Mike, saxophone. Information: MySpace.

PHAT DADDY-O, classic rock and blues from bars to backyards. We do private parties. Featuring Tony G., lead vocals/drums; Ed Narakas, lead guitar/vocals; and Brian Loren, bass guitar/vocals. Bookings: Tony G., 815-582-9344 or 815-653-2353.

PHIDGET, classic ’80s rock band featuring Chris Erbach, bass/vocals; Patty Malten, vocals/keys; Hoazy Sweeney, guitar; Garry Hane, drums; Rick Ippolito, keys/vocals. Information: Schedule: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Sept. 28, Dock's, Wauconda; 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Oct. 6, El Sombrero, Mt. Prospect.

, a four-piece cover band featuring Moe Rivera, guitar/vocals; Tony Falco, vocals/percussion/guitar; Matt Schreier, drums; John Rock, bass. Bookings: 630-279-7625 or

PIRATES OVER 40, Buffet tunes and more, featuring Ron Combs, vocals/guitar; Don Devereaux, drums; Bruce Waters, guitar/vocals; Jim Nelson, bass; Bobby Swigart, guitar; Mitch Martin and Joe Ornelas, percussion. Bookings: 815-344-6410 or

PLAN B, featuring Tom, guitar/vocals; Steve, bass/vocals; Todd, drums/vocals; and Mike, guitar/vocals. Bookings: 815-236-6087 or

PRACTICE IN PUBLIC, playing blues and rock from Stevie Ray Vahan to the Stones and much more. Featuring John Paradise, lead vocals/rhythm guitar; Karl, bass; Lew Postnell, harmonica; Rich Feldhaus, lead guitar; Tracy Doetsch, drums; Billy Schwank, guitar. Contact: 619-861-7353;; or

PSYCHAS, original hard rock, blended with modernized cover tunes. Featuring Eric Babcock, guitar/vocals; Marty Blake, drums; Joaquin Luebanos, bass guitar; David Houck, guitar. Bookings and information: 815-529-3271 or;; or


, playing rockin’ country covers. Bookings: Chris Blevins, 847-902-0780 or

, acoustic, blues, jazz, rock or even a one-man band. Performing with various groups, expanding through several genres. Regular performer at Liquid Blues and Jazz on the Square. Information: 847-828-6854 or

ROCKCOVERY, classic rock and grunge. Featuring Rock LaCoco, lead vocals; Chris Farina, guitar/vocals; Mike O’Connor, guitar; Rob Farina, bass; and Andy Garay, drums. Bookings: 847-815-2392. Information:

ROCK-DOCS (aka AXE GRINDER ), an updated mix of rock classics from the ’70s through today. Featuring Mike, guitars/vocals; Willie, guitars/vocals; Kenny, bass/vocals; Jeff, drums/vocals. Bookings: Schedule: 7 p.m. Sept. 29, Donley's Wild West Town, Union.

RURAL ROUTE ONE, award-winning rockin' country band. Featuring Manzy Z, vocals/guitar/percussion; Bob Lindsley, vocals/drums; Patrick "Hutch" Hutchins, vocals/guitar; Bart Alonzo, vocals/guitar; and Jim Roxworthy, bass. Bookings: 708-516-6053, or


, today’s rock and new country. Featuring Cindy Aikins, vocals; Hal Hartwig, guitars/vocals; Mike Gibson, bass/vocals; Bruce Honniball, drums/vocals. Bookings: Bruce, 815-245-9345; or

SELECTIVE RECALL, playing the best of the New Wave '80s. Featuring Kris Valentine, lead vocals; Eli Bennett, bass/vocals; Rudy Lobo, guitar/vocals; and Scott Toth, drums/vocals. Bookings: 847-533-9991; or Information:; Facebook or Twitter

SEVEN POUND FURY, infamous, original, rock. Featuring Lynette Louise Varvil, vocals/string guitars/harmonica/melodica; Erick Olsen, lead guitar; Scott Nickels, drums/percussion; Ginni Hauck, bass. Bookings: Information: MySpace or MySpace 2.

Joseph David Broman, a one-man band act and songwriter, performing synthesized industrial-metal music along with contemporary covers and eclectic songs on keyboards and guitar. Bookings: or

SINFUL SAINTS DIXIELAND BAND, traditional New Orleans jazz. Directed and managed by Tom McDermott. Multiple bands featuring Tom McDermott, Mike Epifano, Ryan Miller, Bob Skallerup, Brian Tipps, trombones; Kurt Schulenburg, Dick Robertson, Mike Knauf, Teddy Holtz, Gary Parker, clarinet/sax; Dave Mitchell, Frank Katzback, Kevin Huff, Judy Bridges, Don Rhodes, "Spats" Studebaker, trumpets; Rob Curtis, Al Johnson, James Dossa, Tom Landeros, Mike Woitowicz, Jack Kuncl, Ernie Michaels, Jack Meilahn, banjo; Steve Marcus, Brian Borcherding, Tom Stasiak, Kurt Smith, John Harshey, tuba; and Mike Lerner, Ken Voelker, Kenny Holtz, Brian Sugrue, Bob Blazier, Sammy Geati, Chuck Schwartz, Bill Voda, drums; Vance Nelson, Ed Lescher, keyboard. Bookings: 815-404-6769; or

SING WITH THE BAND, live band interactive karaoke with more than 500 songs. Everything from ABBA to Zappa. Lyrics provided. You are part of the band and star of the show! Featuring Joe Rocha, vocals/bass; Jay Rocha, bass/vocals; Scott Azzarello, guitar/vocals; and Dave Nishi, drums. Bookings: Joe Rocha, 630-939-5013 or

SIX STRINGS DOWN, classic rock, ’80s retro tunes, blues featuring female guitarist Dani Lampi, lead guitar/vocals; David Witt, vocals; George Lemperis, lead guitar/vocals; Frank Laumbinger, drums; and Charles Beadle, bass/vocals. Bookings: 815-385-4680; or

SKY BURIAL, featuring Kevin Tuegel, guitar; Sean Kenney, vocals; Mark Servantes, bass; and Jason Pare, drums. Bookings: Warp Skatepark, 847-458-4066 or Kevin Pare, 847-915-2655.

, blues, classic rock, Southern rock and country covers. Featuring Ross Benson, guitar/harmonica/vocals; Melissa Rolley, vocals; Jeff Haberer, guitar/backing vocals; Todd Thorez, bass; Jesse Caruthers, drums. Bookings: 847-975-6030; or

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE, a country/southern rock band featuring Dave Freeman, lead vocals/guitar; Pete Walker, rhythm guitar; Judsen Brown, lead guitar/keyboards/vocals; Rich Dibona, percussion; and Jeremy Montoto, bass/vocals. Bookings: Dave, 815-970-4345; Pete, 815-693-0299 or

STATELINE, contemporary and classic country, along with classic and southern rock. Featuring Robert Jess, keyboards/vocals; D.J. Myers, bass guitar/vocals; Tom Powers, drums/vocals; and Randy Burs, guitar/vocals. Information: 541-782-8354;; Facebook or

, playing classic and modern rock. Members: Curt Klausen, drums; Paul Shively, guitar/vocals; Curtis Voel-Pel, bass and vocals. Bookings: Joey DeMarco at United Talent, 630-279-7625 or; or Curtis Voel-Pel, 630-453-1443 or Information:

STOCKWOOD, a genuine tribute to the Beatles band featuring Colin Berg, age 19, as John Lennon; John Morefield, age 17, as Paul McCartney; Nick Solideo, age 18, as George Harrison; and Evan Berg, age 15, as Ringo Starr. Information:

STREET CORNER BLUE, six-piece ensemble has been performing traditional R&B for 25 years. Members include Tom Kleeman, saxophone; Dave Mitchell, trumpet; Bill Howard, trombone; Mike Lerner, drums; Dave Czech, guitar; and Dave Ladner, bass guitar. Bookings: 708-476-5757; or Schedule: 2 to 6 p.m. Sept. 30, Bandito Barney's, East Dundee.

SUNFACTORY, high-energy dance and party rock. Featuring Steve Parisek, lead vocals/guitar; Jamie Ryan, lead guitar; Eric Jaspen, bass/vocals; and Frank Bagot, drums/vocals. Bookings and information: 815-861-4833 or MySpace.

SWITCHPLAY, a four-piece band featuring multi-instrument players rotating front-line offering diverse solo performances featuring Paul Zanello, Marty Howe, Brian Bankord and Aaron Netsell. Three different tribute sets are British invasion, funky R&B and classic rock. Bookings: 815-236-9893/9894.


TALISMAN, Freddy and Lorrie Lamberti perform country, blues, rock ’n’ roll, pop, jazzy swing and oldies. Bookings: 815-337-1760 or

T-BOS, the ultimate ’70s rock show. Members: Silky Kessler, guitar/lead vocals; Thunderboogie, bass guitar/vocals; Buck Lee, guitar/vocals; Izzy Wylde, drums; Ripper Mansion, security/sound/lights. Bookings: Mike, 847-921-0033. Information: Facebook or MySpace.

THUNDER BOX, THE KNOCKERS, featuring rock music from the '80s til now in a high-energy rock band that captures the style with stage presence and sound. Featuring Tommy Hanus, bass/Vox; John Gracek, lead/Vox; Bill Rios, drums; Joey Domanico, guitar/Vox. Bookings: 847-344-0222.

TIME MACHINE, group from McHenry offering danceable rock from the '50s to now. Featuring John Gaceck, lead vocals; Dan Stromstedt, guitars/vocals; John Furuzzi, drums/vocals; Buddy Rezendes, bass guitar; and Wayne Maxson, guitar. Bookings: Dan, 815-378-0498 or Information: Facebook.

TOGETHER AGAIN, jazz-rock/smooth jazz/pop/rock/Latin and more. Members: Marti Bonne, keyboards/vocals; Jim Seidel, bass; Geoff DeMuth, guitar/vocals; Robin Knapik, drums. Bookings: 815-356-1141;;

TRAVELING COWBOYS, playing country, rock’n’roll, Elvis and more. Featuring Jeff Beebe, guitars/vocals; Bill Fennell, guitar, harp/vocals; Chris, drums; and Sam, bass guitar. Bookings: 815-236-0155.

TRIADD, performing danceable classic rock to current with emphasis on pro-vocal harmonies. Duo/trio acoustic and full band. Featuring Rick Jacobs, guitar/bass/lead vocals; Tim McGovern, guitar/lead vocals; Mac Rietz, bass guitar; Steve Moss, drums/vocals. Bookings: 847-516-4631; 847-639-0418; MySpace; Facebook or Schedule: 7 to 10 p.m. Sept. 27, Eaglewood Resort (full band), Itasca; noon to 3 p.m. Sept. 29, Johnny Appleseed Festival (full band) at the Depot Park gazebo, Crystal Lake.

TRU BLU, country/bluegrass. Originals and covers including Sam Bush, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Old Crow Medicine Show, Zac Brown and many more. Featuring Adam Kaczmarec, mandolin/guitar/lead vocals; Ron Yankowitz, bass guitar/vocals; Chris Yankowitz, banjo/guitar/vocals; Aaron Lembke, guitar/vocals. Bookings: 815-245-2539. Playing every Sunday evening at Labemi's in downtown Crystal Lake. Other musicians invited to come and join in.

TRUMAN’S RIDGE, playing traditional bluegrass. Featuring Steve Sarver, guitar/lead vocals; Mark Fowler, mandolin/fiddle/harmony vocals; Evan Fowler, standup bass/banjo/harmony vocals; Bruce Wallace, banjo/bass/guitar/harmonica/fiddle/harmony vocals. Bookings: 815-603-1441; 815-501-6608 or

, teen rock band featuring Kristy Rose, vocals/guitar; Mike Stone, drums; and Ian Painter, bass. Information: John Rose, 815-444-7663 or

THE UNIVERSITY, alternative, Indie and rock playing originals and large selection of covers from the 1970s through 2012. Featuring Cale Singleton, vocals/bass; Ryan Lammers, vocals/guitars; John Benedeck, vocals/keyboards; Dean Sinclair, drums/percussion. Bookings: Information: Facebook.

THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, a local group playing party rock, both classic and current. Featuring Elmo Arcari, lead vocals/guitar; Kevin Hewitt, lead guitar/vocals; Ernie Jummati, bass/lead vocals; Mike Trippi, drums/More cowbell. Bookings and information: 847-669-8848; 847-409-7073;;;;


VOYAGE, classic rock band featuring Joel Strombres, lead vocals/guitars; Mike Rehak, guitar; Larry Mann, bass; Mike Larsen, keyboard/vocals; and Gordon Siewart, drums. Bookings: 630-284-9112. Information: MySpace or

VVX, hard rock and metal from the '80s and '90s and plenty of extras to keep it mixed up. Members are Tom Wilson, vocals; Dan Volpe, guitar; Todd Scow, guitar; Guy Bazilewich, bass; and Dennis Frankowski, drums. For bookings, contact: United Talent Co. at Schedule: Oct. 13, Shark City, Glendale Heights; Oct. 19, Firebar, Crystal Lake; Oct. 27, Chicago City Limits, Schaumburg; Nov. 10, Rock of Angels benefit at Evenflow, Geneva; Dec. 1, Des Plaines Theatre.


WATERFRONT DOGS, classic and blues plus Southern equals rock. Featuring Art Warshawsky, lead vocals/keyboard/guitar; Michal "Muppet" Laurance, lead guitar/vocals; Jean Laurance, guitar/vocals; Larry Surleta, drums/vocals; Kirk Hitschel, bass/vocals. Bookings: Art, 815-388-3287. For information and schedule, visit: or on Facebook at

, country rock, old and new country, classic rock and pop. Featuring Rich Nelson, bass/lead vocals; Mike O’Cull, lead guitar; Derek Crawford, drums/percussion/vocals; and Les Urban, guitars/vocals. Bookings: 847-826-2834 or

WISEGUYS, smokin’ rhythm and blues. Featuring John Deardorff, lead guitar/vocals; Scott Deardorff, keyboards/vocals; Bill Hughes, drums; and Greg Van Nostrand, bass/vocals. Bookings: Greg Van Nostrand, 847-561-5266 or

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